DISTRICT GOVERNMENT line with the Struggle PPLP

Regent Asking of the Supporting Puro For Building Kulonprogo

Regent Kulonprogo H. Toyo Santoso Dipo the seriousness support development the district Kulonprogo to progress Puro Pakualaman. This is related to the status of land PA Ground term land Puro that many districts are in the region in DIY, mainly located along the south coast Kulonprogo. Various business regency governments to improve the welfare of the people through the efforts of development in the area south by the land owner in this case always fall in the middle of the road, when the parties met with Puro.

"I really agree with PPLP that farmers should not lose their agricultural land caused by the iron sand mining. Iron ore mining is done by investors who perblok each bloknya be for two years, mining was carried out during the farmers who cultivate the land can not be given indemnity or compensation according to the results received at the land as before, essentially farmers must not lose his right I agree, but assurance that the rights of farmers to be able to manage the land as before with a letter from Puro above as evidence of black and white now that this is still a problem, "said Toyo, when receiving BPTP Yogyakarta which will develop the plant in Joglo Pemkab Krandan, Tuesday (24 / 2).

In opportunity Toyo said that during this government in line with the thinking of the struggle Paguyuban Petani Lahan Pantai (PPLP), so do not expect any hostility. "PPLP should not be detested as they struggle with the government, so the government does not hate PPLP, because PPLP very meritorious to the district government, there is no bargaining power PPLP government to investors is low, so even thank me once," he said.

However, the number one in this Kulonprogo feel annoyed with the Puro is less serious for the help in the development Kulonprogo, because investors always a push if the problem is the status of land. "Acctually Puro support the development in Kulonprogo, what does not? what would prevent development in Kulonprogo," he said. In opportunity Toyo also explain investor who will build hotels in the tourism Glagah, which failed because the status of land in Puro so that government can not make IMB.

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