As a regional language General Introduction

The use of local languages as the language on the basis of education is required. Because the local language as the language daily will be readily accepted for children. The importance of local languages as the introduction to the world of education became one of the themes Education Day commemoration this year. Besides the local language which is one of the elements of art and culture, the mastery of science and technology also becomes an important component to improve the quality of education.

It is said the Vice Regent of Kulon Progo Drs. H. Mulyono who became superintendent Day ceremony at the Education in Kulon Progo Saturday (2 / 5), in Alun-alun Wates. The ceremony was followed by Chairman of the Legislative Kulon Progo Drs. Kasdiyono, Muspida, Kulon Progo Sekda Drs. So'im, the head SKPD students and schools. Improve the quality of education into something that is very important to be realized given the current nation-based competition to the use of modern technology are shown.

To improve the quality of education has also been taking the government's policies. Such as, the budget allocation of 20 percent for education and free primary-school students from the school through fund levies BOS (Biaya Operasi Sekolah). "Exemption elementary-school students from the school levies, except for stub Sekolah Berstandar Nasional (SBN) and the Sekolah Berstandar International (SBI) is a form of government attention to improve the quality of our education," said Wabup.

Next, to create a quality education there are three main pillars that need to be implemented. There are, equity in education, improve education quality and increased governance and strengthening public image. These three pillars have become important components in order to create the education of the Republic of Indonesia, to create a quality education, he added.

In that occasion, Vice-regent also submit a scholarship from the Education Office of Women's Dharma and prizes for various competitions held in the framework of the Day Education in Kulon Progo. Many of the race is script writing competition reading low SD class, race and race up a painting.

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