PKK Becomes Important Element Development

Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK) become one of the key elements in the effort to achieve regional development. Because the PKK have a vital role in educating the next generation, especially in the scope of the family. The next generation is the future that determines the progress and setbacks of the development of the nation. So that the PKK is expected to be the element that is able to function properly. To reach and realize the development as planned through the policies that exist.

Said Regent Kulon Progo H. Toyo Santoso Dipo Saturday (16 / 5), at the inauguration ceremony of PKK Kabupaten Kulon Progo period 2008-2013 in Gedung Kaca komplek pemkab. The event was attended by Chairman of the TP-PKK Provinsi DIY Ny. Tri Harjun Ismaji, Chairman of the TP-PKK Kulon Progo Ny. Wiwik Ernawati, Head of Village Community Empowerment, Women and KB Drs. Krissutanto, the superintendent and SKPD PKK Kabupaten and Kecamatan level. As one of the key elements, the PKK to be heavy and full of challenges. To perform these functions, required the cooperation and coordination is good. Namely, cooperation and coordination between the management, coordination with the government and coordinate with the community. "With mutual cooperation and coordination will be a job more easily and will get the output of good also," he said.

The workers PKK period 2008-2013 which constituted, in a sequence is the Vice Chairman of the I, II and III, Ny. Tutik Ristina Mulyono, Ny. Suciati Kasdiyono and Ny. Sri Sapta Rudatin Soim, Secretary, Deputy Secretary I and II, Dra. Retno Hestriyani, Suparyanto, SKM, Siti Rohdiyati Agus Subagyo, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, Ny. Budi Rahayu and Ny. Bachelor win. Board comes with 4 working groups (Pokja) supervise the areas that was also in opportunity. While for the Chairman, has been appointed some time ago by the Chairman of PKK Province of DIY.

Next, assume responsibility for the PKK to be a daring than the required cooperation and coordination. Because the stock courage Management will be able to make efforts and create breakthrough-a breakthrough in the role and function of the PKK. Most of the management of the PKK dominated the women, still less in running the tasks and responsibilities assigned, he added.

On the other hand, the Regent say goodbye to the caretaker who has been appointed. With the new Management, PKK is expected to get a new spirit of work. The spirit that can be a reason to establish the role and function of PKK in realizing development in Kulon Progo Regency.

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