Grand Opening of MEDIA CENTRE
In a series of activities the night before the New Year 2009 Regent Kulon Progo H. Toyo Santoso Dipo inaugurate Media Center Kulon Progo. The press service for the man Kulon Progo this building used to occupy the Licensing Office in the way of private or no.3 Wates precisely in the south side of the House Office of the Vice Regent of the east Alun-alun Wates. Facilities in the Media Center computer room is connected to all the internet, and the Press Conference room at the time used by the leaders of the region and SKPD to meet with the man of the press.

Inauguration is marked with the inscription attended Wabup Drs.H.Mulyono, Chairman of the Legislative Drs.H.Kasdiyono, Muspida and head of the Regional Working device (SKPD) and the journalists who covered the day-to-day activities in the district Kulon Progo.

Media Center is equipped with five computer units connected to the Internet, in the opportunity to review some of the room, computer room at the Regent try to access the network is available some time.

In opportunity with Regent and Vice Regent Muspida the conference room of the Media Center with some journalists.

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