Budi Hartono most successful in achieving sound democratic party Elections Village Head (Pilkades) village Pengasih District Pengasih held Sunday (1 / 2). From 12 poll (TPS) is the skipper Las ordinal number three of the four candidates to reach this total vote in 2190, Budi successful in winning 11 TPS, the TPS is only one sound that is muddy in TPS 6 Pedukuhan Tunjungan.Di this TPS Tujo Biyantoro candidate who is also from the local people most successful meraup with 368 votes, while Budi only reach 35 votes.

Results by the end of the second selection committee be Djoko Purwanto vote in 1092, 1068 and Tujo Biyantoro candidate Kades Indarto get 684 votes. With most sound acquisition, Budi Hartono Kades defined as a candidate elected. Previous Kades Pengasih was empty for several months because officials long Suyoto PA puppetry artists who also died because of illness.
The number of voters remain villagers Pengasih of 6523 voters. At the time of the election, people who use rights of 5,150 voters. Ballot is declared valid as the 5034 vote and the ballot is not as much as 116 valid votes.

The process of calculating the total number of votes from some of TPS in the village office smooth and orderly progress. Some of the supporters and team success of each candidate meets the Village Office page, the same thing also happened in the house for each candidate Kades. Meanwhile, officials from the kabupaten governments Kulon Progo present witnessing the end of the vote results in the village office, Head of Village Community Empowerment Government Women and KB Drs. Krisutanto, and Camat Dra.Sri Pengasih Harmintarti.Kasubid Institution, and The Village Government Administration Board of Community Government and the Village Women Sugimo KB SIP is also present from the 88 villages are still a village, which is not the Pilkades ie Garongan because village officials previously dismissed , tripped due to a case. Implementation Pilkades in the village Garongan will molor for several months so it was not possible before the legislative elections because of the schedule execution time is not possible.

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