Level Productivity Rice GOGO

Level Productivity Rice GOGO in Kokap 5.9Ton Perhektar

Level of productivity of rice cultivation in the gogo member farmers' groups (Klomtan) 'Rejeki Court' in Pedukuhan Klepu, Hargowilis Village, District Kokap reach 5.9 tons Gabah Kering Harvest (GKP) perhektar. Results can be different owing to the use of superior seeds and balanced fertilization with organic fertilizers.

According to the Chairman of Klomtan 'Court Rejeki' Suraji (68), group members to plant rice gogo in land the forest people of the area around Gunung Agung 10 ha since 2007 season ago. In the first planting, a new level of productivity reached 3.6 tons. "This year can be higher because Unsoed get guidance from the Department of Agriculture and Purwokerto Kulon Progo," he said.

It is said, in the first planting farmers use only 1 type of seed. Then, by researchers from Purwokerto Unsoed given some kind of excellence that is suitable for the type of gogo. Gogo aromatic types including the results better than the other types, explained.

On Thursday (12 / 2) on the land to harvest feast is done by Regent H Toyo Santoso Dipo. Present in the event that the Head of Bappeda SH Budi Wibowo MM, Head of Agriculture and Kegutanan Langgeng Ir Agus Basuki, Head Office Food and Agriculture Fisheries Forestry instructor (KP3K) Ir Bambang Tri Budi Harsono, Camat Kokap Santoso SIP, Researchers from Unsoed Purwokerto Dr Totok Agung and Klomtan members 'Agung Rejeki'.

Totok Court explained, at this time Unsoed middle of doing technology development gogo rice cultivation in some areas, including Kulon Progo. Previously, he said, by the people of rice gogo complained often less good quality. Among others, rice, less tasty, and if not pera cold crust.

"We then add to the fragrant aroma menthik so aromanya can rasanga more savory and delicious. There are several types of seeds that we develop and the average production is better. Hopefully this can be developed in Kulon Progo, "hopes

Regent H Toyo Santoso Dipo optimistic when gogo rice production in the Kulon Progo can be improved continuously. Because most of the rice farmers is a gogo area of mountain that is usually more ndregil in the use of new technology. The key to increased rice production, he said, is the use of technology with the most appropriate condition of plants and soil.

Toyo rate, farmers at this time Indonesia still far behind from other countries. Including China which is able to produce 14 tons of rice perhektar. Meanwhile, in Indonesia only about 6.5 tons.

"The technology is in use. Chinese farmers have been using the hormonal and enzyme technology, while we are still a noise about the use of fertilizers. And the problem is a chemical and fertilizer nonkimia. In fact all the fertilizer is a chemical compound, "said Toyo.

Meanwhile, Bambang Tri Harsono said, rice gogo area in the Kulon Progo in 2008 reached 134 ha, mostly located in the hilly region Menoreh. Level of production an average of 3.12 tons perha. "What is achieved by Klomtan 'Agung Rejeki' far higher than the average district," he said.

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