Physical Development Tirtorahayu


Prapta Legawa Wednesday (18 / 2) constituted a Kades Tirtorahayu Galur District. Of the plenary meeting held in the Special Village Board discussion with the main event The oath and appointment made by Kades elected Regent of Kulon Progo. H. Toyo Santoso Dipo in Pendopo the local Village Hall.

Present in the inauguration, Assistant Government and People's Welfare Drs.Sutedjo, Head of Government of the Village Women and Family Planning Drs.Krisustanto, Kabag Law Setda A. Bambang Sulistyo, SH, Kabag for People's Welfare Setda Arief Sudarmanto, SH, Camat Galur Jumanto, with SH Muspika, Kades se-Galur District, the Chairman and members of Drs.H.Suradi BPD BPD, the village and community leaders.

Prapta Legawa constituted Kades be based on the Decree No Regent. 27 year 2009 about The Prapta Legawa as the Village Head Tirtorahayu the 2009-2015 term of office. Prapto Legawa superior in some time ago Pilkades replace the former Kades Sudarmanto dismissed with respect not because of criminal cases.

Regent H. Kulonprogo Toyo Santoso Dipo reminded in his speech, the leader of the now and to the future are required to hear more of the talking. As a Head of the Village is expected to hear the aspirations of the community, whether oral or written. In addition must be able to see the visible and hidden form of both the potential and development problems.

"The village, which was very Tirtorahayu forward in building this now, it is behind the development of physical appeal in other villages, for it to Kades the new attention to the community increased, Kades not need to be reluctant to ask for help in building the village Pemkab Tirtorahayu to become more advanced and prosperous, "said Toyo.

Attention to the tutor Pemkab village has shown improvement, through the tutor TPAPD earnings in Kulonprogo third largest in Indonesia. However, given the increased revenue should be offset with the way work is better, old habits of "pungli" should be removed. Tunjangan pamong desa melalui TPAPD meningkat diterima sehingga sekarang banyak yang daftar jadi pamong desa, sebenarnya maksudnya agar di desa-desa tidak ada pungli lagi, dulu yardik-yardik (bayar disik) nek ora yo ragelem teken harus dihilangkan,”he said.

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