Civil Servants Enjoy a Longer HOLIDAYS

The Civil Service (PNS) in the scope of the Government Kulon Progo enjoy the long holiday at the end of the year 2008 and early 2009. Vacation in succession includes the Christmas holiday 2008, the New Year in 1430 Hijriyah, the Islamic Calendar, and New Year's Day 2009.

The Head Office of Public Relations News Kulon Progo, Arning Rahayu, SIP, confirming the existence of the long holiday. However, as a consequence of this long holiday, was set on civil servants to replace the obligations of holiday time with the extension of working hours on other days.

As Arning, long holiday that includes 5-day holiday in succession with a two-day entry work, and the New Year holiday again in 2009 CE. Day holiday Thursday December 25 2008 Christmas coincide. Then Friday December 26 as the holiday leave and Saturday with the Dec. 27 regular holidays. Meanwhile, on Dec. 28 is a Sunday. Meanwhile, Monday Dec. 29 coincides New Year holidays Hijriyah, the Islamic Calendar 1430.

After the holiday successive 5 days, civil servants in the Government District Kulonprogo compulsory entrance, as is usually working again on Tuesday-Wednesday, 30-31 December. Next Thursday January 1 2009, which coincides with the new year, civil servants back to hollidays.

Decisions long holiday, not applicable for civil servants teachers, because of time off has been prepared in accordance with the calendar of education. This also applies to agencies that provide services to the community by doing picket schedule in turns, such as health services, and library.

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