MALAM SATU SURO DI GUNUNG LANANG : Gelar Ruwatan Agung Salirojati

Night welcomed the new year of Java or 1 Suro 1942 Paguyuban Kadang Gunung Lanang will be Ruwatan conduct the ceremony in the Great Salirojati Mount Padepokan lanang Astana Bayeman Orange in the hamlet, village Sindutan subdistrict Temon. J. Suwaldji from aguyuban Kadang Gunung Lanang, explains the purpose of implementation of the Great Salirojati Ruwatan ceremony with the theme "Menemukan sejatining aku dan aku kang sejati" to preserve the culture of Java with the steps and spiritual rituals performed on Sunday (Monday night) (28/12) 19:00 WIB to finish at the Padepokan Gunung Lanang.

"In addition, as well as the behavior and spiritual salvation for the country and nation to the people of this nation with a sacred heart basis, the intention of the sacred and holy to the inner introspective or instropeksi that can understand and find jatidiri as a sovereign nation and sovereign. In the end can be freed from all the loose crush the oppressed living in the shadow life of our day-to-day "said Suwaldji.

Added, the opportunity was also held in The shadowgraph night with a puppeteer Ki Roesmadi from Wates the act Tumurune Wahyu Gajah Antisuro or Abimanyu Dadi Ratu.

Ruwatan opened to the public, the participants brought before uba rampe each form of white cloth Mori adequate clothing for Ikram, saputangan plain white, whip, roncen Mlati with the pendulum kantil yellow / white, egg chicken village and cloth Jarik to drop splash of water each one fruit.

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