Sanitation Tuber Coluses Threatened Obstacle Year 2009 Costs

Tuber Coluses extermination or often known as TBC or TB in Kulon Progo at 2009 future products of the funds.Obstacles such as Pour associated with the funds from the budget of the devisit 19 billion rupiah, so that all aid cut average fifty percent.In addition to problems devisit reduction in the budget funds also due to the SOTK a new front in the year also require financing and budget, which is also new. This was revealed in audiensi Branch Manager PPTI Kulon Progo clerical assistant with Drs. H. Sutedjo Wiharso provincial secretary in the meeting room Kab. Progo west.

"Because the 2009 budget to devisit and implementation of the new SOTK also require new financing also forced the then we can only provide assistance to the Branch Manager PPTI Kulon Progo of five million rupiah, the number decreased from the year 2008 was ten million rupiah," the light Tedjo.

According to Sutedjo, PPTI actual budget proposed for the year is not too large compared with the benefits provided to the community. For 2009 PPTI Branch Kulon Progo budget to approximately forty million rupiah, but because the condition of district budget in 2009 was not possible to give more than five million rupiah.

"The assistance we can provide is very far from the expected, but we all hope to the PPTI and managers for the volounter still can help people eliminate TB in Kulon Progo", please Tedjo.

Operational costs to detect people with TB in Kulon Progo big enough, because this requires a lot of bottles to be distributed to the community as a place that saliva and then to a test laboratory. "This is the cost of laboratory tests that require the most cost, not yet bottled and transport to lead and take the bottles to the community," said T.H. Syadik as the head of the Branch PPTI Kulon Progo.

"Despite assistance from Pemkab realized that far from our expectations, but we will strive to work as closely as possible that we can," Syadik close.

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