NATIONAL TEACHERS Day Kulonprogo; Minister of National Education: Fundamental Government Serious Professional Teachers

The government has to be awareness and we all, that there are no teachers, no means of education. Only with a touch of professional teachers with dignity, protected and prosperous, the children will receive the nation learned that educate and quality. Therefore, the National Teachers' Day 2008, this time, have an important meaning because governments are working seriously to bring teachers to improve the professional qualifications, competence, welfare and protection for teachers as the implications of Law No.14 of 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers.

It is said Minister of National Education, Dr.Bambang Sudibyo, in a speech written to complain that the Regional Secretary (provincial secretary) Kulonprogo, Drs.H.So 'im, MM ceremony at the National Teachers' Day in 2008 Kulonprogo district level in the Government Kulon Progo, Tuesday (25/11). Also present Chairman of PGRI Kulonprogo Drs.Sukardi, Muspida, the ceremony is participants from civil servants, the Office of education, and teachers in the scope of Wates city. In this opportunity, once submitted a variety of prizes to the Teacher, Supervisor and Principal of the level of achievement of TK / SD, junior high and high school, and some students to give flowers to the teachers. In this opportunity, a new ceremony that took place some time there was rain, so that the implementation of the delivery of the awards, held in the Gedung Kaca Pemkab.
"In the context of accelerating qualification of teachers, is currently designed academic policy that allows recognition of the learning results obtained by previous teachers. Teachers who are implementing the education level will be reduced S1/D-IV credit course load, in part because of SKS must be obtained through the experience of independent study, academic achievement, innovative works, education and training obtained before, "he said.
According to the Minister of National Education, in improving and developing the competence of teachers, is currently also being designed in the pattern of professional development for teachers across the country. With this pattern, expected performance and competence of teachers continue to increase in line with the increased levels of functional and work experience.
"Since the government is aware that it is not easy to get a professional teacher, carelessness in the process of recruitment, prajabatan, placement, training in the department and the supervision of teacher performance is a cycle that needs to be seriously in a sustainable," implore the Minister of National Education.
In the context of this organization is very professional teachers can be expected dedication to become a partner of the government in order to jointly improve the professional ability of teachers and teachers' welfare improvement for the realization of quality education. Associations or professional organizations of teachers expected more able to motivate, facilitate and provide advocacy to its members to become more professional.

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