District Government System Development Community Develop "Makaryo"

To realize the independence of the Kulon Progo to become a community of independent and does not depend on the government and the party needed a certain breakthrough for the community empowerment program. In the district of Kulon Progo government plan to develop a systems development community that the name given to the development of the system "Makaryo." Which is the abbreviation of the word, Manunggal Karso Anggayuh Mulyo.

Said by the Economic Kabid BAPPEDAs Eko Wisnu Wardana, SE Monday (22/12), in the Empowerment Seminar System Makaryo Glass Building complex in the districts. The event was attended by Wabup Drs. H. Mulyono, village government, LSM and other community Kulon Progo.

This concept, is a system of community empowerment to optimize the potential of the community, which includes the four power. Namely, to increase the capacity of human beings (human resources), generate the economic resources (to create the productivity of the public), to develop resources development / Utilizing the environment (creating a healthy environment, productive and sustainable) and the empowerment of institutions that exist.

While the cycle of community empowerment makaryo include preparation of community empowerment programs, revitalization and the implementation of sustainable program. "It is expected that with the concept, people can attain Kulon Progo independent, productive and not get trapped into dependence (charity)," he said.

Meanwhile, Wabup Kulon Progo Drs. H. Mulyono welcomes the development plan system is the empowerment of the community. Since the independence of the community is something that is very necessary in order to implement development in Kulon Progo. "With the independence of the community will be more easy to realize development in Kulon Progo," he said.

For that, people expected, the village administration and related SKPD able to capture the empowerment program. Furthermore, the program can apply to become a system that is more concrete in order to realize development and create Kulon Progo welfare of the community.

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