Vice Regent Concerned Over Monument Ny.Ageng Serang Known Horse Statues

Vice Regent Kulon Progo Drs.H.Mulyono regret very existence of the National Hero Monument Ny.Ageng Serang, which is in the Simpang Lima Karang Nongko Wates-known statue of a horse. Even someone to get a degree as a national hero through the study of a very long time. It said the Vice Regent of the audiensi receive from the Publishers Association of Indonesia (IKAPI) DIY work in space, on Tuesday (23/12). Also assisting the Head Office of the Regional library Kulon Progo, Agung Kurniawan SIP, MSi, as well as representatives from BAPPEDAs and the Office of Education.

"It is pitied Monument Ny.Ageng Serang are mounting in the Karang Nongko better known by the community with the Statue of Horse, to obtain a degree at the National Hero study required a long, that there are worse wedding invitation from one of the officials in these locations written Statue Horse, so let us begin to mention Ny.Ageng Serang not Statue Horse "said the Vice Regent.Meanwhile, in the audiensi R. Sharif Tholib from IKAPI DIY intend to give grants to add several books to a library collection of Regional and future help people enjoy reading and realize library.

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