Assessing Community Making More Quick Deed

Public awareness of Kulonprogo to get the Deed of birth, especially very large. This is evident from the enthusiastic residents to get a diploma through the exhibition Manunggal Fair held in the plaza Wates. Each day during the ongoing exhibition visitors are always asking the location of the stand Civic place to make birth certificates. However, some residents fail to take the Deed because the Civic is under the Office of Dukcapilkabermas as the creator of the Deed not open service creation Deed birth stands at the exhibition. Heri Haryono and that duty every day at the exhibition space information is always being asked by some visitors who ask where the location of the stand for making birth certificates. "Every day here there are always coming to ask who stand to make Deed of Births, ya.saya.jawab not there, and I can give the information to come in the Civic Office Dukcapilkabermas, now in office also can be completed quickly," said Heri new only Wisto Widodo arrival of visitors with her sons and their wives Jumariah Irfan Kurnianto villagers Sukoreno Subdistrict Sentolo asking the location of the stand Deed Births service. Still high public interest to make birth certificates in the exhibition, because the images / views of the community to make the stand in the Deed exhibition finished more quickly than the practical need to come in the office of Civic. "As if to make Deed in the exhibition can be a day or two days finished, such as occurred in the past year while services involved in the exhibition Deed, if the office once a long time," said Wisto. There are some citizens who seek kecele Deed, the head of the Office of Residence Civic Family Planning and Community Empowerment (Dukcapilkabermas) Kulon Progo, Drs.Sarjana Thursday (30/10) said that the lack of service in making birth certificates Stand Manunggal Fair exhibition because more focus on service in the Office associated with success to reach the ISO 9001: 2000 public sector services and energy that should be limited when divided for the two places. So that citizens who ask for service in the Deed exhibition locations during working hours are welcome to come directly in the Civic, with the same service as at the time of service at the exhibition opening on years ago. However, the enthusiasm of the people, do not close the possibility in future years will be to re-open the service in the location of the exhibition. "Concerning the ISO 9001: 2000, to this year's exhibition does not participate, but we will be examined input from the community, in which important information is that the current service in the office when all the requirements can be completed as full time on managing people stand in the exhibition, "Said the former Camat Kalibawang the hobby sports field, tennis ..

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