The End Of Anniversary Kulonprogo,Performance Kethoprak Colossal

Regent H. Kulonprogo Toyo Santoso Dipo Sunday night (2 / 11) in Alun-Alun Wates close all activities Day anniversary Kulon Progo that this year themed around the back 57 years to the district Kulon Progo our unity to the independence of stock-based resilience of the economy, culture closing the spirit and maritime activities performance stage kethoprak colossal "Adeging Kulonprogo Regency" by the artist with Kulonprogo director Bondan Nusantara.

In the Regent of the various prizes in the championship enliven It Kulonprogo including championship race Manunggal general Marathon champion son Ivan I Budi Aji from the Spirit Gunungkidul district, the second Wahono from this third Tego Sleman regency of Bantul, Competition exhibition stand Manunggal Fair 2008 with the category I-III champion Conservation Development Agency (BKP) Borobudur, hospitals and the Vredeburg Zaida, the private sector category BPD Bank branch DIY Yongin, PT.Jogja Magaza Mining and Prosperous Justice Party, SMK Marine school category, SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Wates and SMK Tamansiswa Nanggulan. Also present Drs.H.Mulyono Vice Regent, Chairman of the DPRD Kulonprogo, Drs.H.Kasdiyono. Drs.H.Soim provincial secretary, MM and the head of the regional work units (SKPD) in the scope of the district administration.

"To have this theme not only become an empty slogan but should merely be followed up with concrete so that the work ahead ideals Kulon Progo district as a forward, independent and prosperous can be realized immediately. In this case I optimistic ideals that can be achieved if we work hand to hand to work together for a better understanding of morality, work hard, work smart and improving the quality of our human resources, "Toyo fate.

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