Bigger Chalk Sign MURI

Spend 150 kg and 50 kg Lime Gypsum

For the second time the achievement of the residents Kulonprogo recorded Record Museum of Indonesia (MURI), this form of chalk, the largest student artworks Vocational Secondary School Affairs (SMKN) 1 Panjatan. MURI has previously noted the works Kulonprogo Tumpeng the form of Sugar Java. Giving awards to be handed directly to the school Etty one of the staff MURI, the location of Lime Create Largest located in Stand SMKN 1 Panjatan Manunggal Fair exhibition in the plaza in Yongin, Thursday afternoon (30/10). Giving witnessed teachers, students and visitors. Write the lime that is able to record themselves in this MURI, 2.5 meter long, with a diameter of 36 centimeters and 27 centimeters diameter end. The process of the printing is done by five students for two hours, making the mixture by ten students for 25 minutes, the printing is done 15 students for 30 minutes. Of printed materials using zinc foil the size of 90 cm X 5 m, and nails bendrat Keeling, materials kapurtulis use 150 kg and 50 kg lime Gypsum, plus about 30 liters of water. Khomarudin, SPd, one of the teachers' guide explains chose chalk as the main material and the creation of lime Gypsum potential in Kulonprogo very much when used for making chalk that up to now still used as a media and learning facilities in schools. "SMKN 1 Panjatan as the only schools that have a vocational skills program study the chemical industry is expected to be able to develop chemical techniques to be used for community life," explained Khomarudin school teachers in the new stand is 16 months. With able to sign up in the MURI, other than hope he can be proud of the school could also boost the spirit of learning for students, motivated to create performances in the future and stimulate students' creativity to develop technological innovations.

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