MANUNGGAL FAIR ENDED : Many traders leave Time Exhibition

Most private traders who participated in the exhibition Manunggal Fair in 2008 complained of the time is not right. Implementation of the set after the fasting month and widths and the approaching rainy season makes the goods they trade a lot of behavior that is not selling. The condition is not as experienced in the past years, where even the annual always held before the fasting month and weather conditions did not rain, goods behavior hard.

Although each day is always full of visitors, but they mostly just looking to see merchandise, and only a few who use it to buy. Conditions at the time that is the end of October, made the conditions of civil servants who have their pocket thin, become one of the factors transactions drastic decline.

This decline as traders spoke Budi origin Banjar traders clothing, since the opening of a new exhibition that the behavior of two communications and assessment. "Time of held after fasting, made the visitors have not enthusiastic to buy clothes, I usually before the fasting and they utilize this event to prepare widths, especially when rain season is, if next year can be held before the fasting though as in previous years", he said .

Budi complaint is not made up, along with other traders until the end of the exhibition, some of them are still trading accumulate nearly the same as last week began rolling out the trading time.

Instead of traders who sell agricultural seeds had hard behavior. Rain began to fall since the event was held, the motivation to become citizens to plant trees, especially fruit such as mangoes, rambutan, oranges, which every day is always taken home by some visitors, after the exhibition. However, only one of two traders who only see the institute of plant seeds.

Chairman of the organizers, Drs.R.Agus Santosa, MA, which confirmed the complaint admitted to private traders. Conditions time of fasting and after the rainy season makes the activity not as brisk years ago. "We realized that when traders complain, because this time of year is less fit, but because the event is checked and Kulonprogo It is precisely this fact in October, the number of entries like this for the future will be re-thought, but if the fasting month will go forward far from the forward-October as our benchmark, what will propel the Day So we will discuss the evaluation is finished after this activity, "said the head of the Office of Public Relations and former Camat Galur.

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