Destroying Forest in the case of DIY Drops

Since the last 5 years, the number of cases of forest destruction in the countries in the region DIY continued to decline. In 2004 there were 178 cases, 2005 cases of 75, 2006 38 cases from 2007 and down again to 28 cases. It is estimated that in 2008 the number of cases will be smaller than last digit.It said the Head of Line (Kabid) Pemangkuan Regional Office of Forestry and Forest Plantation Yogyakarta Province, Ir Parwidi MSi, in the dissemination Security Forest in the hall official Hutbun Agriculture and Marine Kulon Progo, Thursday (30/10). In addition Parwidi, socialization, followed by management paguyuban timber traders and forest management group of people se Kulon Progo also show the source of information Kasi Build Business official Hutbun Kulon Progo Ir Trenggono Trimulyo, MT completed and the hope of Polda DIY.According to Parwidi, the decline those cases because the public is increasingly aware of the importance of forests and increased participation in forest management. Residents who live on the edge of the forest, he said, not only with the forest cutting timber, but with productive activities that are not harmful, such as bee keeping, he said.Added, the changes in attitude are very positive people in order to conserve the forests and in accordance with government expectations. "To handle the destruction of our forests are not only using the legal approach. However, more pendekaan social and economic development. The results seemed better, "add the light Parwidi saying that the country's vast forests in DIY currently 18,000 ha.Furthermore Parwidi states, to keep the government prioritize conservation of forest development and management system. For the current sarapa infrastructure and personnel in the instansinya very minimal."Currently we only have 1 car patrols and 227 field officers. Ideally the whole 18,000 ha of forest field officers need at least around 380 people, "he said.Meanwhile, Trenggono said, in the forest Kulon Progo most of the forest people with broad reach 25,400 ha. Meanwhile, state forest only 1,037 ha wide.From that area, he said, the potential production of 100,000 cubic timber annually. And the community is cut average new 40,000 cubic, with 33,000 cubic of them sold to other regions.With this condition, according to Trenggono, the number of trees in Kulon not Progo decreasing, but even increase. So that the quality of the environment, especially to prevent landslides and absorption and the provision of water resources, the better. "In the last few years since, drought and floods in the region Kulon Progo intensity continued to decline," he said.

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