Number of seats Board Plus 5 Now 35 Seats Period 40 Seats

Number of seats members of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) Kulonprogo district in the coming period will be five people so that the overall number of seats from 35 now to 40 seats.

Growing number of legislative seats in the new elections will be worst in the future is adjusted with the population growth in most western districts in the DIY. Additional five seats are divided evenly in the five electoral regions (dapil), which is in Kulonprogo.

First Dapil consists Samigaluh district, and Kalibawang Girimulyo, get the quota from the previous 8 seats 7 seats. Dapil II includes the district Nanggulan and Sentolo from 6 seats to be 7 seats. Dapil III, which consists district Kokap refused to compete and 8 seats of the previous 7 seats. Dapil IV, one of which is located in the capital area district includes the Wates district, Panjatan and Temon most seats with 10 of the previous 9 seats and in the last Dapil V, which consists district Galur Lendah and 7 seats available before 6 seats.

In accordance with the List of Candidates for Legislative Stay (DCT), which recently set, 40 seats are available in five dapil the worst 379 caleg, including caleg men totaling 251 people, and as many as 128 women caleg.

Marwanto Division of Socialization, Voter Education, Public Relations and Information Data KPUD Kulonprogo, on Tuesday (4 / 11) explains, based on the data entered in the KPUD most political parties are eligible pencalegan in general. Even the requirements caleg quota of 30 percent of women have been fulfilled to the district level, only the level dapil are not able to meet the percentage of women caleg.

At least 14 political party that is not eligible according to Article 55 of Law on Elections caleg women, the political party-political party that is the Hanura, Gerindra, PKS,PAN,PPD,PKB,PNB,PDK,Golkar,PPP,PB,PDIP,Demokrat and PKNU.

According to information obtained KPUD, political party-political party actually has been trying to meet the maximum quota caleg perempuandi level dapil, but the effort hit a number of issues, including family caleg women. Many women who have advanced as caleg intention, but did not get permission from members of his family, especially her husband.

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