DPRD Approve 3 Raperda Village

Plenary meeting of the Council of People's Representatives (DPRD), which held Kulon Progo Wednesday (12/11) successfully set a 3 Raperda Village Regulation Kulon Progo was delayed after some time. Third Raperda is, Raperda about the village, Raperda took over the status of a village Wates Neighborhood Raperda about the layout and organization structure and governance work (SOTK) villages. Plenary meeting, attended by 24 members of the legislative body of the 34 existing members, followed by Regent H. Kulon Progo Toyo Santoso Dipo, Wabup Drs. H. Mulyono, executive officials and the district administration led by the head of the local parliament Kulon Progo Drs. Kasdiyono.

To discuss the third Raperda, the local parliament formed 2 Special committee (Pansus), namely, Pansus V and Pansus VI. Pansus through VI Spokesperson Drs. Suharto emphasized that the Pansus accept the ruling Raperda. However, there are still some problems that must be taken seriously and need pencermatan. Among them is, the amount of the award should be given kabupaten government to the Village Head (Kades) and their instruments.

Pansus expect the determination of larger awards should always be the logic of decency, fairness and the ability of the financial district. "So the executive should be accepted as a serious, consult through institutions and other areas that may have first come across problems," he said.

Meanwhile Pansus V set SOTK villages covering, Head and the device consists of, the Secretariat, the government, the Economy and Development, Social Welfare Section, The Community Empowerment Group and the Department of Functional certain. SOTK From there, Pansus expect to be able to work optimally in their service to the community. In order to create an example Progo Kulon village in a dynamic and professional.

Meanwhile, in view of the faction as a say in the Fraksi Partai Keadilan Sejahtera spokesman with Moh. Ajrudin Akbar eksukutif would expect to find references to other related with the size of the award. Like, learning to areas that have been used to have more out of them, Tasikmalya.

FPKS also expect a series of awards to the ravine and instruments, the government district and groove can take the device into labor contract area. Until the remaining term of the current Kades ended.

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