Basket Senior High School Tournament

Manager District Basketball Association All Indonesia (Pengkab Perbasi) Kulonprogo basketball tournament will be the senior secondary level in the Field Basketball Alun_Alun Wates, starting 14 - 23 November 2008. The tournament is the peak of the construction of basketball athletes at the senior secondary level will compete Kulonprogo Cup Perbasi Kulonprogo.

Secretary Pengkab Perbasi Kulonprogo, Quindarta Yudi Atmanta said senior high school basketball tournament will be followed by 17 teams from 10 schools, which consists of 10 teams and 7, son and daughter team. To 10, son of team that will follow this tournament is from SMAN 1 Wates, SMAN 2 Wates, SMAN 1 Pengasih, SMKN 2 Pengasih, SMAN 1 Temon, SMAN 1 Sentolo, SMAN 1 Kokap, SMK Bopkri Wates, SMK Ma’arif 1 Wates dan MAN 2 Wates. Meanwhile, the team came from the daughter SMAN 1 Wates, SMAN 2 Wates, SMKN 2 Pengasih, SMAN 1 Temon, SMAN 1 Sentolo, SMK Bopkri Wates dan MAN 2 Wates.

According to Yudi speech, using the system fall, this tournament will compete total prize millions of rupiah for the team's best player even Suporter. "This tournament will be an interesting spectacle for the people in Kulonprogo, especially for the young servant lovers of sports, especially basketball. Moreover, this tournament is packed not just sports but also presents wrapped with the entertainment side. "He said.

It is expected that the existence of this tournament will be motivated to become the trigger or the emergence of young talents in basketball athletes Binangun earth so that ultimately proved to be for sports achievement in Kulonprogo.

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