Kulonprogo Not Opened Vacant On CPNSD

Kulonprogo regency government in 2008, the registration of candidates does not receive the Civil Service Area (CPNSD) to the public as done by the District Government / City Government. Although the actual policy of the Minister of State apparatuses (MenPan) approve charging around 396 formation CPNSD which include teachers, health workers, administrative staff and the Village Sekreatris become civil servants.

Head of State District Officer (BKD) Kulonprogo, Drs.Djulistyo said this year the Government of Kulon Progo district did not receive registration CPNSD, like now many people in question, about when the district government to open the vacant CPNSD general. Regent is to send a letter to the Minister of PAN that the contents will not realize the formation CPNSD approved by MenPan. This is because the savings are estimated to have deficit in the upcoming budget year 2009. So this year the district government only focus to resolve the employment and Honorary Secretary Village (Sekdes) to CPNSD only.

Charging CPNSD formation that has been approved by MenPan, if imposed by local governments, regional government will burden the budget. Since the approval of charging CPNSD not accompanied by the addition of the General Allocation Fund (DAU), and to hire during this PNSD from the center, the region will not be able to hire a new general CPNSD it.

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