Flyover Will be Commenced in 2009

Kulonprogo will start to build the road options at safety (Flyover), which travel on the railway (KA) next year. The project is part of the development of the primary collector road towards the main road arteries. Kasie Planning and Control, as the Office of Commitment, Zahram AS, accompanied, head Sudin Bina Marga, the Office of Public Works, Saturday (1 / 11) says the road options at safety is absolutely necessary in order to avoid congestion caused by the two new channels that frequently occur in the crossing KA in Wates.

"This is the road connecting for the first phase of the North region," said Zahram, in Joglo, Office of the Regent after the presentation of planning (detailed engineering design) by the consultant, CV Mastu Ano Pamasa, which was attended by the Regent of Kulonprogo, Toyo Santoso Dipo. Road connecting the clear Zahram, started from the junction Ponds, to the North, across the road options at safety on the Teteg Hamlet, and then descend back to the road in the south ditch, to the station, 3 in Western hospitals, to cross Tunjungan 3. Meanwhile, meet the Law No.38 of 2004 on the Street, the road agencies with 7 meters wide, road right shoulder left each with a width of 1.5 meters, and left and right channels, each with a width of 1 meter.

Meanwhile, for the entire road artery connecting the northern region, still has 2 more phases of the DED will also not be made. So can connect with the Road Sentolo-Sermo. Regent, Zahram words, hope construction starts built next year, and in 2010 could have been used. Estimates for construction while, spend not less than Rp20 billion. "Part, is still awaiting the calculation WED (budget cost of the plan) is first," said Zahram.

Meanwhile, the relevant land that should be released, said to have been designed Zahram ideal for full cloning, but not to reduce the principal construction. He said that as far as this project is running smoothly. Meanwhile, the South region for the arteries, ie, from Tugu Potlot crossroads Toyang, the planning also have been completed, and construction also planned next year.

Heru Lesmana Syafei HARIAN JOGJA

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