BNK Kulonprogo Organizing Road Health

District Narcotics Agency (BNK) will organize activities Kulonprogo Healthy Road. Activities that can be forced Kulon Progo Without Drugs will be held this Sunday (16/11) coming in at 07.00 Alun-Alun Wates. In the activities of the targeted 5,000 people attended, will be entertained Plat AB humor music from Jogjakarta. The event will begin with a joint anti-drug pledge by all elements of healthy youth road resumed with the Wates City route.

Chairman of BNK Kulonprogo Drs.H.Mulyono in a press conference at the office, sat (8 / 11) explains that phenomenon, a very grievous befall the young people we as the impact the influx of Western culture with all the advantages and disadvantage. With the soul of the supermarket want to know and want to try the youths easily affected, particularly in terms of behavior, lifestyle, such as the deplorable behavior of free sex, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Have been many, many lives of our young people drift in vain due to drug abuse.

"Momentum Youth Oath Day commemoration, which recently passed our move to take advantage of that generation of young people is hope, the backbone changes, and fate in the hands of the young nation's stake in the future, it is necessary for the concern and all their components from shoulder to shoulder - menyelematkan young people from the dangers of alcohol abuse, drugs and psychotropic medicines other. BNK Kulonprogo incentive to continue to try to combat the drug circulation and preventive measures through outreach and dialogue about the dangers of abuse of alcohol and drugs in schools, junior and senior secondary schools and youth organizations through the coral and Taruna, "said Mulyono, which also Wabup Kulonprogo.

Activities with the contribution Rp.17.000, - each participant will receive a T-shirt facilities, Pop Mie, and Coupon Lottery. Gifts main form of Motorcyclists, TV, Handphone, Mountain Bike, Magic Jar and hundreds Doorprice. Registration at the Office of Public Relations Jl.Perwakilan No.2 Wates, Setda for People's Welfare Section, Office of Educational Unit 2 Terbah Wates, Nakertrans Office, the Office of Culture and Tourism, and Office 12 subdistricts.

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