There was a scarcity of fertilizers in All Provinces

There was a scarcity of fertilizers in All Provinces
Scarcity of fertilizer subsidies, not only in areas that have extensive agricultural land. However occurred in all provinces in Indonesia. specially when the fertilization of commodities that many farmers are cultivated, such as rice.
Said members of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) from Yogyakarta Province, GKR Hemas, in the process of socialization and aspirations, on Wednesday (19/11) in the hall Agriculture and Marine Kulon Progo. The event was attended by management groups, farmers, fish farmers, fishermen and crafters, and was attended by the Regent H Toyo Santoso Dipo, head of Ir Dispertalaut Langgeng Agus Basuki, head Disperindagkoptam Drs H Darto, MM and the head office agencies.
DPD in the trial, added Hemas, the problem of scarcity of fertilizers appear very often. DPD members from each province many complained it, and leaders in various DPD also have the opportunity delivered to the Ministry of Trade.
"However, although the Ministry of Trade has been able to improve the fertilizer distribution system, in reality, the condition is still the same. There are still farmers here complained about the scarcity of fertilizer and the expensive price, including the Kulon Progo. Means that there are things that have not been wrong, "said the Raja Permaisuri of the Yogyakarta.
Added, the scarcity of fertilizer and the expensive price to be a very complex problem for farmers. Because the price of rice remains and there is a demand to increase production to pursue self capable of rice. "This means, fertilizer subsidies from the government can not be enjoyed by farmers in optimal," said Hemas.
A statement responding to the participants that there quota of fertilizers to Kulon Progo sold out of the country, GKR Hemas states, will learn it properly or not. If true, he said, individual perpetrators must be firmly followed. Because it clearly violates the rules, said Hemas.
Meanwhile, Toyo said, although currently receive subsidies for certain types of fertilizer, but the reality is even giving farmers subsidies to the larger community of non farmers. In meaning, the price of fertilizer subsidies that farmers receive the value is smaller than the difference between the price of rice in the world market.
"But I also do not agree when the price of rice released in accordance market price. Because it will be a heavy burden for non-rice farmers. May be able to buy the city but farmers in the mountainous area that can not grow rice will shoulder the burden. What is important is the price reasonable and fertilizer subsidies applied to the optimum possible, "said Toyo.
In submit occasion Toyo prize to groups (KT) winners intention rice se Kulon Progo the form of tractors, water pumps and handspraiyer. Each of the first champion KT Silayur (Temon), Subur Arum II, KT (Kalibawang), KT Rejomulyo III (Nanggulan) and IV KT Ngudi Kawruh (Lendah).
In addition, also be of assistance to the car means Dispertalaut Kulon Progo, motorcycle and fund the rehabilitation of forest and land for KT Makmur Rp. 14.6 million and Girirejo KT. Rp 141.4 million, and capital assistance Agroindustry Rural Development Rp. 10 million for KT Ngudi Makmur.

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