Harvest In Bandeng Trisik Leave Farmers On Equipment

Harvest Bandeng cultivation by the group "Tani Maju 2" in Trisik Tegongan, Sunday (9 / 11) gala held by the many visitors who come either deliberately or just see the direct result of buying the crops. Location cultivation of a sea water that shaped swimming and never dry throughout the year is 100 meters in the east coast tourist attraction Trisik.

Harvest is done by the 39 member groups since the morning until noon with a way to herd the fish to edge through the net is created on the right side of the pond to the left near the low water next to be caught with nets, and then put in plastic barrels.

According to section Ngatimin marketing groups, the seeds of Bandeng that are in the month of May, with a capital self-help groups each of Rp.300.000, -. Seeds imported from Brebes and Jepara of maintenance is very easy because only rely on the marine biota, without need to add additional food.

"The only side from the previous paddy and rice fields in the garden, because it got the information from the media about the culture appeal, and then make an appeal to Grabouw stydy. Finally, we agree utilize sea water is, "said Ngatimin are busy recording the results after the harvest weighed, to serve buyers of visitors and traders.

According to him, in marketing there are no problems, many traders and visitors who buy mainly from the Congot later sent to Semarang. The price Rp.14.000, - per kilogram, which contains a 4-5 head. Results of Bandeng Trisik quality better than other regions, because sandy soil does not smell.

Despite success in the cultivation of marine (Bandeng) fish Milk, but the group still complain about the lack of facilities for the harvest. The only simple tools, harvest is not the maximum, many fish are still a lot of passes from the net, especially in locations that have the depth to 2.5 meters. To buy the perfect equipment and standards are expensive, groups have the capital.

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