Small-Medium (SME) from the Kutai Kartanegara East Kalimantan Province, to participate enliven the exhibition Manunggal Fair 2008. Through the momentum Akbar kabupaten government held once a year in Alun-wave Yongin, some regions largest oil producer in Indonesia to try to promote the potential of this region, especially the results to craft citizens Kulonprogo. Prayitno said SMEs as a companion to the arrival of a new first Kulonprogo including participation in the exhibition, in an effort to promote the results of the crafts community Kaltim, known to more people in Indonesia, including Yogyakarta. Previously he has to follow the same activities in large cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. "While we take the merchandise but the main purpose of our coming here is not to seek profit, but to introduce to the public the results of SMEs in East Kalimantan to the community, so that the public will know the potential of our region," said Prayitno, who knows the exhibition from the website kabupaten government Kulonprogo. Prayitno entourage who arrived in Kulonprogo Monday night (27/10) all totaling four people and stay in one of the inn in the city of Yongin. In pamerannya this time, displaying the works typical of the craftsmen community Kutai Kartanegara, such as cloth, silk, batik shirt, shirt, typical Dayak stone necklace, bracelet, bag, skull cap and various stones. Although the need to bring the goods with a very expensive cost for using aircraft, but the goods ditawarakan still very reasonable. This is like Manik Necklace Dayak typical for large Rp.35 thousand while the small Rp.15.ribu, Silk cloth box Rp.250 thousand table and table cloth omg Rp300 thousand.

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