Mascot boat MANUNGGAL not known

Mascot Boat as the icon exhibition Manunggal Fair 2008 is not known by many visitors. Boat artworks Beda studio art style that is placed in the main entrance gate, not a lot of attention by visitors who meet every day around the arena plaza Wates. Although a large number of visitors to know the theme of the exhibition this time is the potential sea with the Mascot boat but they do not know Mascot is .. The existence of the stand-stand that displays Most boat as terpajang in the stand SMKN 1 Temon the bersebalahan the gate entrance and miniature boats in the Secretariat organizing committee, which according to them Mascot exhibition. This Paiman spoke as residents Salamrejo, Sentolo who visit the exhibition, to see the Mascot boat accidentally, but found only the boat that is the stand-stand exhibitions. "Mascot boat to the place where gold, thin beard my view, the only boats in the stands and the school committee in the Secretariat, in what the committee is yes," said Paiman the accidental drop in the Secretariat besiege committee after Alun-wave Zaida with his family, Friday (31/10). The same Ngatinem recognized that far-away came from Hargotirto, Kokap to witness the close of the exhibition, which displays the Mascot Boat. Since he is from home imagine there will be a big boat that is in the location of the exhibition. Not only Ngatinem imagine that the shape of a boat as Mascot, most certain that I have the same shadow. This shows that still remember clearly dibenak citizens Kulonprogo, such as exhibitions held in each of the previous years always show the works that exist in communities large, such as Java gunungan Sugar giant capable recorded in the Indonesian Record Museum during the exhibition, held back in 2001, then a succession of the next show Mascot, Vas flowers from Agel, Angklung, and Horse boys. Chief organizer Agus Santosa asked the responses Mascot admitted to understand when displayed in the exhibition this time is not known by many visitors. As the previous chairman does not have a picture of a boat into Mascot. And the creation of fully submitted to the Mascot section and the artists invited to cooperation. "We do not have the view that the shape of a boat must be like this, but we offer them the artists who know the art form and so able to attract visitors to establish the successful nautical theme in this exhibition," said Chief District Office of Public Relations Kulonprogo the former Camat Galur .

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