RB. Hendri Budianto,SH, MH Kejari Wates

RB. Hendri Budianto, SH, MH officially became Head of State (Kejari) Wates replace the old officials Erbagtyo Rohan, SH, MH. Substitution is marked with accept the position and separation between the two officials on Wednesday (12/11), in the Glass Building complex kabupaten government Kulon Progo. Feelings of separation that should be fulfilled in the mutually split kejari Wates was attended by Wakajati DIY Soemarno, Regent Kulon Progo H. Toyo Santoso Dipo, Wabup Drs. H. Mulyono, Chairman of the DPRD Kulon Progo Drs. Kasdiyono, Muspida, district government officials and executives of other invitations.

RB. Hendri Budianto, SH, MH is a native son of Yogyakarta, who previously served Kejari in Makale, Tanah Toraja, South Sulawesi replace Erbagtyo Rohan, SH, MH, which has served Kajari Wates for 1 year 8 months. Next, Erbagtyo Rohan will be appointed Assistant Intelejen Kajati in DIY.

According to Hendri Budianto, I feel proud and impressed able to return to the land of birth in Yogyakarta. Through insntansi place to work, Hendri pledged to work with as well as to promote Yogyakarta, especially Kulon Progo. "Here I will work together to participate in regional efforts to promote and enforce the law in the Progo Kulon," he said.

Meanwhile, Regent Kulon Progo to thank Kajari long Erbagtyo Rohan, SH, MH that have worked well with the efforts of law enforcement in Kulon Progo. Regent also refused to give a pardon for all that has done work for Kejari in Kulon Progo. "No need to give my apology because there is no need in the morning. During this Kejari has worked very well, "said Bupati.

Meanwhile, to replace the officials, the Regent welcomes and to welcome in Kulon Progo. Regent expects, Kejari can work with both the development and support the efforts of law enforcement in the region Kulon Progo. Due to this district we should be collaborating, further Bupati.

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