Ivan Budi Aji Gunungkidul Fastest Finish

Regent H. Kulonprogo Toyo Santoso Dipo, Friday morning (31/10) release flee Manunggal XXII in order to enliven It Kulonprogo to-57 in the Field Ngeseng Sentolo. Running time this race was followed by the residents of Kulonprogo and DIY, such as Bantul, Sleman and Gunungkidul. In addition to the Regent dispatcher consecutive runner, Vice Regent Drs H. Mulyono, Chairman of the DPRD Kulonprogo Drs.H.Kasdiyono and Muspida. Sukiman, S. Pd in the report describes the participants that enliven Manunggal group of students from 115 elementary, son of 84 people and putrid special local Kulonprogo, junior followed 152 people and 46 people, son and daughter special local Kulonprogo. Senior high schools are common for the scope of DIY, son of 80 people and putrid 48 people. Beregu followed 9 squad. "Running 10 km route through the Field Ngeseng Sentolo junction Kenteng to the West-Milir-Margosari and Finish in front of the office of Culture and Tourism special students finish primary school only at the junction Kenteng that is 5 km," said Sukiman. Added, in addition to compete Trophy rotation Regent Kulonprogo, for the champion to get the money certificates and the construction of Rp.6 total, 5 million and Doo prize. Regent H. Kulonprogo Toyo Santoso Dipo in his speech before the participants fled the release of this activity is to recall the historical events that occurred 57 years ago, when the beribukota Kulonprogo districts in Sentolo and District Adikarto the beribukota in Yongin Manunggal into one with the name of the District Kulonprogo beribukota in Yongin. "Besides, to encourage the athletes and athletes runner Kulonprogo seeds for more academic and menumbuh develop interest of the community, especially the young generation on the track," he said. While the results for the three major competitions, Ivan Budi Aji from the Spirit Gunungkidul district achieved the fastest finish with a time 41.14 minutes, followed by second Wahono from this Sleman with 41.34 minutes record time and third Tego from Bantul by the time 44 , 26 minutes.

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