Learning from the USA Election

The public around the world, not with the exception of Indonesia, for the umpteenth consecutive time, the political heed the election dispute between the U.S. Barack "Barry" Obama's "children Menteng" faced with McCain, the U.S. Vietnam war veteran who is in the ability maintain the U.S. political scene. Unlike with the election-election in the country in other major European election in the U.S. always seize the public attention around the world.

Comparing the Presidential Elections in the U.S. and in Indonesia, there are some things the same but there are also important things that can be a lesson for Indonesia. The same practice is in fact black campaign was also conducted in the U.S., does not vary with in Indonesia and in many other democratic countries. Like a clinch strategy mitt in the world to break the concentration of opponents contend. Obama has had only proximity stronghold by the terrorist activities because of Obama in the past, the stronghold McCain beard fire only when the regime will be a continuation of George Bush.
to be continued......

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